Ad Data: Links to a couple of interesting articles

Are we making our choices and decisions based on our own objective, rational, informed analysis of each situation? 

Most of the time, probably not.

Here are links to a couple of interesting Ad Age articles that reveal how data analysis is being used by others to influence our decisions.

No surprise to a billion annoyed Facebook subscribers, social media is still having difficulty justifying its commercial value. But to their probable dismay, those annoying pop-up ads are not likely to go away. After analyzing mountains of data, one of the world’s most astute marketers has found that social media “buzz” has a negligible effect on sales, but that online ad impressions are just about as effective as TV ad impressions.  

How analysis of customer use and demographic data has led to potentially profitable choices about recipe ingredients for Kraft Foods, convenience store distribution locations for the Sierra Nevada brewing company, and a coupon cross-promotion for SkinnyGirl low-calorie cocktails.


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